Centre team

Trond Vikan Johnsen
Center Director (WP4 Manager 2015 - 2018) Phone:+47 92216489 Email: Trond.Johnsen@sintef.no
Anders Valland
Deputy Centre Director Phone:+47 9208 6128 Email: Anders.Valland@sintef.no
Per Magne Einang
Centre Director (2015-2018) Phone:+47 9305 9823 Email: Per.Einang@sintef.no
Elizabeth Lindstad
Manager, WP1 - Feasibility Phone:+47 92801521 Email: Lindstad@sintef.no
Sverre Steen
Manager, WP2 Hull and propeller Phone:+47 7359 5861 Email: sverre.steen@ntnu.no
Sverre Anders Alterskjær
Research Scientist - WP2 Phone:+47 416 88 191 Email: SverreAnders.Alterskjaer@sintef.no
Sergey Ushakov
Manager, WP3 Power systems and fuel Phone:+47 73595579 Email: sergey.ushakov@ntnu.no
Jon Schonhovd Dæhlen
Manager, WP4 Ship system integration and validation Phone:+47 93256732 Email: Jon.Daehlen@sintef.no
Anders Hammer Strømman
Manager, WP5 Environment and economic due dilligence Phone:+47 73598948 Email: anders.hammer.stromman@ntnu.no
Helene Muri
Research Scientist, NTNU IndEcol (WP5) Phone:+47 73413299 Email: helene.muri@ntnu.no
Agathe Isabelle Rialland
Adm. coordinator Phone:+47 997 85 073 Email: Agathe.Rialland@sintef.no