Eilif Pedersen
(2015-2017) Manager, WP3 Power systems and fuel Phone:+47 73595786 Email: Eilif.Pedersen@ntnu.no


•Associate Professor Marine Engineering
•SFI SmartMaritime Power Systems and Fuels WP3 Manager (2015-2017)


•Modeling and simulation of machinery systems
•Bond graph modeling methodology
•Thermofluid and thermodynamic systems modeling
•Engineering dynamics and vibration
•Internal combustion engines
•Machinery systems

On-going research:

•Modelling and Simulation of Integrated Marine Power and Control Systems ◦1 PhD student (Seyed Behzad Hatefi)

•Energy Efficient All Electric Ship (WEB) ◦2 PhD students (Tom Arne Pedersen (09/09), Kristine Bruun (09/09)

•Wave energy convertion - hydraulic convertion system modeling
•Dynamic simulation of heave compensation systems for drilling risers ◦1 PhD stuendt (Nils I Grimsmo, partly)

•Bond graphs in rotordynamics
•Dynamics of marine vehicles using bond graph modeling