Endre Sandvik
Research Scientist, WP1,WP4 Phone: Email: Endre.Sandvik@sintef.no

PhD candidate  WP4 - Ship System Integration and Validation

Endre Sandvik joined SINTEF Ocean as Research Scientist after he finalised his 3-year PhD project under SFI Smart Maritime WP 4 Ship system integration and validation from 2016 to 2019.

He defended his PhD Tehesis entitled «Sea Passage Scenario Simulation for Ship System Performance Evaluation» in september 2019.

His work in Smart Maritime involves methods and models for ship system integration and validation, primarily by developing a simulation environment for the virtual testing and benchmarking of new technology and design solutions. 

Prior to that Endre, wrote his Master Thesis entitled “Design Optimization of Offshore Construction Vessels”, in cooperation with Vard Design and supervised by Professor Sverre Steen.