Evert Bouman
Researcher, WP5 Phone: +47 7359 0026 Email: evert.bouman@ntnu.no

Area of work

•Contributing to Environment & Economic Due Diligence for SFI Smart Maritime
•Focus on environmental friendly ship design, by assessing environmental and economic perfomance parameters of selected ships and shipping systems.
•Analysis of fleet-wide implications of individual shipping designs for meeting overall climate change mitigation targets.

Previous and other work

•Focus on understanding environmental impacts and resource requirements of low-carbon energy technologies
•Working with both present and future energy systems scenarios
•Method development in the area of LCA and IO-analysis

Skills and expertise

•Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
•Input-Output Analysis (IOA)
•Environmental systems analysis



•MSc Industrial Ecology Leiden University/Delft University of Technology (2011)
•MSc Chemical Engineering Delft University of Technology (2012)

Work experience

•Teaching assistant, Delft University of Technology. Teaching  Introduction Chemical Process Technology (fall 2008)
•Project Engineer, Versatec Energy. Contributed to digitalization of Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams for oil platforms (2008)