John Martin Kleven Godø
PhD Candidate WP2 Phone:+47 9060 7515 Email:

Biomimetic Propulsion Systems for Increased Propulsive Efficiency

John Martin K. Godø holds a Master of Science degree in marine technology from NTNU with specialization in marine hydrodynamics. His master thesis involved design and experimental and theoretical studies of a biomimetic ship propulsion system attempting to replicate swimming motions found in nature.

Through his PhD thesis work, John Martin will continue the development of such a propulsion system with the aim of achieving significantly higher propulsive efficiencies than what is possible with today’s propeller solutions. The first milestones will comprise experimental studies of a series of different motion patterns of a fish-tail-like propulsive device, validation of theoretical models for describing forces on such a system and studies of live creatures exhibiting efficient swimming.

Main supervisor for the PhD is Professor Sverre Steen at NTNU Department of Marine Technology, and co-supervisor is Research Scientist Luca Savio at MARINTEK.