Vladimir Krivopolianskii
PhD Candidate WP3 Phone: +47 9672 8434 Email: vladimir.krivopolianskii@ntnu.no

MSc from Høgskolen i Ålesund, working experience from Marintek.

High demand on low-emission marine engines due to strict environmental regulations stimulate development of technology related to injection and combustion processes. This PhD project is aiming to elaborate a research tool for further investigation of sprays of different fuels with help of optical and thermodynamic techniques. Unique big volume combustion rig is to allow to experimentally assess marine injection valves performance at relatively wide operation range. Thorough and multidisciplinary analysis of in-chamber processes is to contribute to precisely estimate conditions for injection, ignition and combustion activities in different gas engine concepts.


The actual research work will start with scrupulous literature survey to get confidence that the current study can contribute to the society and to get hints and tips about ways to solve problems within particular topic. Significant attention in this PhD will be paid to investigation of injector’s performance for dual-fuel applications. Here some work is assigned to study the injectors and spray geometries, their influence on the combustion process. Work towards the development high-pressure gas engine concept is additionally planed and it is mainly connected to investigation of autoignition of the low cetane fuel like LNG. This work comprises several stages such as: study of gas qualities and introduction of additives if needed. For validation of the results obtained from combustion rig experiments, the full-scale tests with help of available engine facilities are to be executed.


By the end of the project it is expected to develop recommendations and best practices for engine manufactures and ship-owners within SFI SmartMaritime.


The PhD is supervised by Associate Professor Eilif Pedersen from Department of Marine Technology NTNU and co-supervised by Professor Vilmar Æsøy from NTNU i Ålesund.