WEBINAR - Hydrodynamic Energy Saving Measures 17June2020

WEBINAR - Maritime Policies Update - 30April2020 - Presentations

WEBINAR - Alternative Fuels - 11March2020 - Presentations

WEBINAR - Sulphur Cap and NOx Tier III - 18March2019 - Presentation & Documentation

​Webinar Safe Return to Port & Minimum Required Power in Waves 22-03-2018 - Presentations & Documentation

SFI Smart Maritime webinar related to the documentation of Safe Return to Port capabilities (for passenger ships with length >120m) and Minimum Required Power (applies to oil tankers, bulk carriers and combination carriers having more than 20,000 DWT).

Webinar Hybrid Propulsion 13-03-2018 - Presentation & articles

Summary of Postdoc work and articles presented by Torstein Bø at the Smart MaritimeWebinar on Hybrid Propulsion 13-03-2018

Webinar 21 June 2017 - LNG-fuelled vessels

Presentations from Webinar on LNG-fuelled vessels - 21 June 2017

Webinar 19 Sept 2017- Hybrid Propulsion System

Presentations from Webinar on Hybrid Propulsion System - Design and Application with PTI/PTO solutions