A Method for Evaluating Ship Concepts in Realistic Operational Scenarios using Agent-based Discrete-Event Simulation

Reliability Analysis of Shore-to-Ship Fast Charging Systems

Alternative marine fuels, CIMAC Norway

Presentation by Dr Elizabeth Lidnstad for CIMAC Norway autumn meeting 2020

Modular Conceptual Synthesis of Low-Emission Ships, Lagemann & Erikstad (2020)

Evaluation of Energy Transfer Efficiency for Shore-to-Ship Fast Charging Systems (Karimi et al., 2020)

Length and hull shape importance to reach IMO's GHG target, Lindstad et al. 2019

Paper presented at SNAME Maritime Convention,30 October - 1 November,Tacoma, Washington, USA

Autonomous ships for coastal and short-sea shipping

Paper presented at SNAME Maritime Convention, 30 October - 1 November,Tacoma, Washington, USA

Methane Slip Summarized: Lab vs. Field Data

Conference paper by Ushakov, Stenersen and Einang at the 29th CIMAC World Congress 2019 in Vancouver

Big Data Analytics As a Tool to Monitor Hydrodynamic Performance of a Ship (Gupta et al., 2019)

Conference article by Gupta, P., Stee, S., Rasheed, A. OMAE2019

Efficient operations using numerical methods, Krasilnikov and Koushan - NorShipping2019

Presentation by Senior Adviser Kourosh Koushan at NorShipping 2019, wed. June 5th 2019.