Project: SP1 - Fuels
Author(s): Dag Stenersen and Ole Thonstad
Date: 13.06.2017
Dag Stenersen
Senior Research Scientist Phone:+47 905 03 459 Email:

GHG and NOx emissions from gas fuelled engines - Dag Stenersen and Ole Thonstad

Mapping, verification, reduction Technologies.

The report describe state of the art gas engine technology for marine application.

Gas fuelled ships are measured to obtain new data and to updated emission factor with focus on NOx and CH4 emissions from gas engines. Other emissions as THC, CO and CO2 is also measured. Data is also collected from manufacturer testbed protocols. Additional NOx emission data is collected from the NOx-fund database.

Potential methane reduction technologies are described.



SP1 Fuels, WP3 Power systems and fuels