WEBINAR - Hybrid Propulsion System - Design and Application with PTI/PTO solutions


Tuesday September 19th 13:15-15:45


Smart Maritime WEBINAR - Hybrid Propulsion System - Design and Application with PTI/PTO solutions

Date: Tuesday September 19th

Time: 13:15 – 15:45

Place: Online meeting Skype-for-business

Registration: e-mail kevinkoosup.yum@sintef.no

Smart Maritime will have a webinar meeting about hybrid propulsion system - its design and application with PTI/PTO solutions on Tuesday September 19th. In this webinar, Wärtsilä SAM Electronics will be invited for presenting their solution for PTI/PTO application and SINTEF Ocean will present the case study in subproject SP7 Simulation-based concept design in relation to open hatch bulk carriers.

The meeting will happen in three parts:

1. Presentation of the project, results so far and further works (SINTEF Ocean)

2. Presentation of PTI/PTO solution - technical, application and operational aspect (Wärtsilä)

3. Discussion for the case vessel and way forward

For each part, 30 min presentation and 15 min discussion are anticipated except the last part, which will be only 30 min discussion.

If you are interested in joining the webinar, please send your request to Kevin Koosup Yum (kevinkoosup.yum@sintef.no). He will send you the Outlook invitation with online meeting information.

We hope that this meeting will be interesting for all of you.

Meeting open for members of SFI Smart Maritime



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