Webinar: LNG-fuelled vessel

Wed. 21 June 2017


1300                      Introduction

1315 – 1345       Methane slip from gas engines, Dag Stenersen

Findings from the measurement campaign on emissions from gas and dual fuel engines with special focus on methane slip.

1345 – 1415       State of the art gas engine technology for marine application, Per Magne Einang

Overview of gas engine concepts for marine applications, existing and new solutions.

Characteristics pros and cons will be discussed

1415 – 1445       Discussion

Operational issues for LNG fuelled ships

Further work on topics related to gas fuelled ships


Contact administration at smartmaritime@sintef.no

Webinar open for Smart Maritime partners.

Presentations and Reports

Presentations from the Webinar are available for download here

Report presented available for download:

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