Endre Sandvik (left) - and WP4 manager, Trond Johnsen (right)
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Endre Sandvik is strengthening the WP4 team

Endre Sandvik has started his PhD studies – and moved into the offices

Trond Johnsen, manager of WP4 was pleased to welcome Endre Sandvik to our offices here at Marinteknisk senter in June 2016.

Endre was engaged as a PhD candidate in February – and started up work while finishing his master thesis in marine technology at NTNU with specialization in marine hydrodynamics titled “Design Optimization of Offshore Construction Vessels”. The thesis is written in cooperation with Smart Maritime partner Vard Design, and supervised by Professor Sverre Steen.

His work for WP4 will focus on methods and models for ship system integration and validation, primarily by developing a simulation environment for the virtual testing and benchmarking of new technology and design solutions. Modelling and integration of hydrodynamics, power systems and service equipment in an operational context defined by transport logistics, marine operations and environmental conditions will be important research topics for his PhD thesis. The output of the model will be the ship´s lifecycle performance with respect to energy efficiency, operability and safety, both for service type vessels (offshore) and deep sea shipping.

The title for the PhD thesis is “Simulation Based Design of Ships With Regards to System Performance”.

His supervisors for the PhD thesis will be Professor Stein Ove Erikstad, and co-supervisors Professor Sverre Steen and Associated Professor Eilif Pedersen at NTNU department of marine technology.