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GoLNG project visiting SFI Smart Maritime

Mini seminar on Energy Efficient and Environment-Friendly Shipping for participants of Interreg project GoLNG on May 23rd 2018, Trondheim.

The Interreg BSR project GoLNG visited SFI Smart Maritime during their Study Trip on LNG Competence Development. After a visit to the Norwegian Maritime Competence Center (NMCC) and Rolls-Royce Marine in Ålesund, and an overnight trip to Trondheim with Hurtigruten, our GoLNG guest arrived at SINTEF Ocean, Tyholt.

Organiser of the Study Trip was Tom Kleppestø from Shipping and Offshore Network, one of the participant of the Interreg project GoLNG.

SFI Smart Maritime held a mini seminar on Energy Efficient and Environment-Friendly Shipping, hosted by administrativ coordinator Agathe Rialland. 

Anders Valland, Dag Stenersen and Torstein Bø presented work from SINTEF Ocean, NTNU and SFI Smart Maritime on related to LNG technology, methane slip from gas fuelled engines, hybrid propulsion and potential for GHG reduction from shipping.

A lab visit was then arranged by our SINTEF Ocean and NTNU colleagues Hans Jørgen Rambech, Dag Stenersen and Vladimir Krivopolianskii.

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