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Research in progress: Fuel injection and combustion

Updates from PhD Candidate Vladimir Krivopolianskii (WP3)

The focus in Vladimir’s research project lies on study of injection and combustion processes in marine diesel engine.  In order to apply non-intrusive optical methods and isolate diesel spay from complicated airflow inherent to a diesel engine a constant volume combustion rig is used. For detailed study of injection and combustion phenomena, an operation process of constant volume rig was developed to maintain required boundary conditions both to simulate diesel engine environment at TDC (top dead center) and to achieve necessary repeatability. Moreover, during current work the constant volume rig was equipped high-pressure gas injection system. The main purpose of the system is to study combustion of different gas mixtures including hydrogen and to simulate HPDF (high-pressure dual fuel) concept where both high-pressure gas and diesel fuel systems are operated simultaneously.  

To enrich optical methodology a Two-color flame pyrometry was implemented. This techniques allows to study sooty flame temperature and helps to estimate relative change in NOx emission by switching to an alternative fuel. 

Currently Vladimir studies ignition, combustion and NOx emission characteristics of Hydrogenated vegetable oil. The aim of this work is to find correlation between results obtained by using flame pyrometry and production of NOx in a diesel engine combustion chamber; and to study improvements in combustion and emissions by use of the alternative fuel. Video showing results obtained by flame pyrometry is attached.

In parallel, Vladimir is working on early-developed high-pressure gas injector, particularly on estimation of flow coefficients for further study of pure gas jets and diesel-gas co-fire processes.

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Flame Temperature Measurements (Video: V. Krivopolianskii)


Vladimir will deliver his PhD thesis in September 2018. 

PhD Candidate, NTNU, Department of Maritime Technology - Link to profile



Malin, Maximilian Christoph; Krivopolianskii, Vladimir; Rygh, Bjørn; Æsøy, Vilmar; Pedersen, Eilif. (2015) Soot Investigation on Fish Oil Spray Combustion in a Constant Volume Cell. SAE International Journal of Fuels and Lubricants. vol. 8 (3).


Publications in progress:

- Modelling and Analysis of Gas Feeding System Dynamics for Control of Constant Volume Combustion Rig Boundary Conditions. ASPACC-11, 2017

- Experimental Study of Ignition Delay, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (HVO). To be submitted, 2017

- Modelling and Simulation of Active Gas Pressure Accumulator for HPDF Engines. To be submitted, 2018

- Microscopic properties of reactive and non-reactive sprays of alternative fuels. To be submitted, 2018