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Smart Maritime at the IMDC 2018 Conference

Dr Elizabeth Lindstad and PhD Candidate Endre Sandvik speakers at the 13th International Marine Design Conference in Helsinki on June 10-14th 2018

  • Dr. H.Elizabeth Lindstad, SINTEF Ocean, Reducing GHG emissions from shipping – Measures and Options. June 11th 
  • PhD cand. Endre Sandvik, Estimation of fuel consumption using discrete-event simulation – a validation stud. June 13th


The aim of IMDC 2018 is to promote all aspects of marine design as an engineering discipline. The focus will be on the key design challenges and opportunities in today’s rapidly changing maritime markets with special emphasis on:

- The challenges in merging ship design and marine applications of experience-based industrial design 

- Digitalisation as technological enabler for stronger link between efficient design, operations and maintenance in future

- Emerging technologies and their impact on future designs

- Cruise ship and icebreaker designs including fleet compositions to meet new market demands