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Successful Network Meeting, Værnes October2018

Milestone for SFI Smart Maritime.

In light of IMO's goals for GHG reduction by 2050, and the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C, there is no need to debate on the state of urgency. We have to sharpen efforts towards drastic reductions of GHG emissions from ships. 
Mission impossible?
SFI Smart Maritime gathered for a 2-day workshop to discuss and design innovative solutions for energy- and environmental efficiency.

Based on the knowledge accumulated during the first 3 years of Smart Maritime, the SFI cluster has been able to sketch promising innovative ship concepts that will be further explored in the Centre. These will be used as demo cases to continue the integration of knowledge and models of ship systems into a common simulation platform enabling effective assessment of technologies and solutions. 

The strength of SFI Smart Maritime is in its network of competent, motivated and fearless representatives of the Norwegian maritime cluster.

This has been enabled among others by Centre Director Per Magne Einang's constant effort to guarantee interests of each SFI partner. 

Per Magne is now handing over the reins to Trond Johnsen, who will ensure that R&D-Industry cooperation continues and leads to more concretisation of innovation.

Presentations and summary of group discussions are available on Smart Maritime website