Jørgen B. Nielsen

PhD student WP3/WP4 (2015–2018)

• Eilif Pedersen , NTNU IMT



Nielsen, Jørgen Bremnes; Pedersen, Eilif. (2018) A system approach to selective catalytic reduction deNOx monolithic reactor modelling using bond graphs. Journal of Engineering for the Maritime Environment (Part M). 

PhD - Simulation of complex high efficiency maritime power systems

Research goal and strategy

The main research goal is to improve energy utilization in marine power systems by looking at possibilities emerging with hybrid power technology and energy harvesting. The main area of research is system dynamics which plays an important role in the control and optimization of complex systems. The approach includes creating dynamic models of required equipment in the power system and simulation of complex power system solutions. If possible, model validation with real world systems will be a priority. The outcome of the work is aimed at providing concept evaluation of new marine power system design with improved energy efficiency and increased system flexibility both for the deep sea and offshore segments.

Foreseen innovation

System concepts for improved energy efficiency and reduced emissions.