Project: IPIRIS
Author(s): Martin Gutsch, Anne Bruyat, George Jagite (SINTEF Ocean)
Date: 11.11.2022

WEBINAR - Added Resistance in Waves

Smart Maritime WEBINAR on Added Resistance in Waves.

Friday November 11, 2022


When vessels operate under real sea conditions, ship resistance and thus, emissions, increase. From the design phase, added resistance due to waves must be computed and added to the calm water resistance to optimize the vessels. With the advances in computational methods, numerical high-resolution simulations can be carried out to overcome the limitations of the current standards of practice. The ongoing research project IPIRIS, a spin-off of SFI Smart Maritime, is working on seakeeping- and added resistance tools, coupling high resolution modelling techniques with efficient wave modelling to evaluate the added resistance problem in realistic sea states in more detail.


  • Introduction to the IPIRIS research project. 
  • Capabilities of the VERES3D tool developed within IPIRIS.
  • KVLCC2 validation results of VERES3D compared to results from HYDROSTAR and existing literature at infinite and finite water depth.
  • Martin Gutsch, Research Scientist, Ships and Ocean Structures SINTEF Ocean
  • Anne Bruyat, Research Scientist, Ships and Ocean Structures SINTEF Ocean
  • George Jagite, Research Scientist, Ships and Ocean Structures SINTEF Ocean


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