Date: 18.03.2020
Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø
Research Scientist Phone:+47 9964 7901 Email:
Jørgen Bremnes Nielsen
PhD Candidate Phone:+47 414 20 539 Email:
Anders Valland
Deputy Centre Director Phone:+47 9208 6128 Email:
Elizabeth Lindstad
Manager, WP1 - Feasibility Phone:+47 92801521 Email:

WEBINAR - Alternative Fuels - 11March2020 - Presentations

Smart Maritime WEBINAR on Alternative Fuels.

SFI Smart Maritime held a webinar on Wednesday March 11, 2020, providing an update on alternative fuels for shipping, and a perspective on flexibility in choice of energy technologies in light of uncertainty regarding rules, regulations, availability and pricing of future fuels.


Presentations available for download: 

Alternative Fuels and Flexible Technology Solutions


Presenters: Dr Elizabeth Lindstad [Chief Scientist, SINTEF Ocean]Jørgen Bremnes Nielsen and Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø [Research Scientist, SINTEF Ocean]

Webinar organiser: Anders Valland [Research Manager]

Questions and comments for further discussion: please contact us at, or email directly our presenters.

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