Project: Smart Ship Routing
Author(s): Pauline Røstum Bellingmo (SINTEF Ocean), Håvard Hellvik (Norwegian Electric Systems)
Journal/conference: SFI Smart Maritime WEBINAR
Date: 04.03.2022

WEBINAR - Weather Routing System - Use Case: Ferry

WEBINAR :Weather routing system - Use case: Ferry

Date: Friday, March 4th, 2022

Time: 09:00 – 10:00

Place: Microsoft Teams

Registration: by accepting Outlook meeting invitation; meeting open to all SFI Smart Maritime participants.

Organiser: SINTEF Ocean



A weather routing system has been developed for a ferry in Norway with the goal of reducing the energy consumption. The work is a part of the research project SmartShipRouting with partners Norwegian Electric Systems, HAV Design, Havila Kystruten, and SINTEF Ocean with support from the Research Council of Norway.


Content and presenters:

Pauline Røstum Bellingmo, Master of Science at SINTEF Ocean, Department of Energy and Transport, and Håvard Hellvik, Software Architect Manager at Norwegian Electric Systems, will present the weather routing system, along with an electrical car ferry use case.

Presentation available for download: (requires login)

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