Project: WP3 - Power Systems and Fuel
Author(s): Dig Vijay Singh And Eilif Pedersen
Journal/conference: Energy Conversion and Management - Volume 111, 1 March 2016, Pages 315–328
Date: 01.03.2016

A review of waste heat recovery technologies for maritime applications

Article by Dig Vijay Singh and Eilif Pedersen, March 2016

A waste heat recovery system produces power by utilizing the heat energy lost to the surroundings from thermal processes, at no additional fuel input. For marine vessels, about 50 percent of the total fuel energy supplied to diesel power-plant aboard is lost to the surroundings. While the total amount of wasted energy is considerable, the quality of this energy is quite low due to its low temperature and has limited potential for power production. Effective waste heat recovery systems use the available low temperature waste heat to produce mechanical/electrical power with high efficiency value. In this study a review of different waste heat recovery systems has been conducted, to lay out the potential recovery efficiencies and suitability for marine applications. This work helps in identifying the most suitable heat recovery technologies for maritime use depending on the properties of shipboard waste heat and achievable recovery efficiencies, whilst discussing the features of each type of system.


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