Teknisk Ukeblad: Exhaust Gas Cleaning at SFI Smart Maritime

Innen 2020 må alle skip kutte svovelutslippene. Dette skipet seiler med en mulig løsning.

Sulphur abatement options - Cost Factors

Article by Dr Elizabeth Lindstad in Bunkerspot June/July 2017

Shipping needs 85% GHG cut by 2050 if seen as a nation

TradeWinds article and interview of by May 17th, 2017 17:41 GMT by Roderick Craig

Making heavy fuel oil clean

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) combined with previous measures reduces NOx emissions from heavy fuel oil by up to 80 % in a typical LPG tanker. The concept is a potential game changer for Norwegian domestic shipping.

Shorter shipping routes through the Arctic are not necessarily more climate friendly

Long inaccessible to ships, as a consequence of global warming, much of the Arctic Ocean is now navigable in the summer months.

Bigger picture suggests effects of IMO emission efforts are counter productive

Reducing SOx and NOx emissions results in increased CO2 to the air, and this paradox needs to be addressed by regulators, writes Dr Haakon-Elizabeth Lindstad of the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (Marintek)