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Smart Maritime welcomes a new ship owner

Odfjell to join the SFI Smart Maritime Consortium

Odfjell is the 8th ship owner & operator to join Smart Maritime, a month after Klaveness, Höegh Autoliners and Bergesen Worldwide became members of the SFI Consortium. This give the Centre a unique opportunity to bring together actors from the deep sea shipping segment and work even harder to deliver solutions for increasing energy efficiency and reducing GHG emissions from ships.


The Odfjell Group is one of the world leaders in the global market for seaborne transportation and storage of chemicals and other specialty bulk liquids. The fleet consists of five main categories: Supersegregators with multiple segregations, large stainless steel chemical tankers, medium stainless steel chemical tankers, coated tonnage and regional fleets in Asia and South America. 


Odfjell's environmental initiatives:

As one of the world’s leading service providers within the chemical tanker and terminal industry, Odfjell aims to be a front runner in minimizing environmental impact.

Odfjell’s unique alert-based fleet performance system utilizes dashboard technology for constant shore-based monitoring of the fleet’s energy efficiency.

Modern self-polishing, anti-fouling paint combined with manual hull cleaning and propeller polishing ensure that the smoothness of the hull is well maintained between dry-dockings.

In 2015 Odjell started a project to upgrade 19 of its vessels with a new propulsion system reducing emissions by up to 20%. The retrofitted vessels are among the most energy efficient chemical tankers in the world, achieving the highest score on the RightShip energy rating, A+.