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Successfull Network meeting in Ålesund

Smart Maritime partners were gathered together for 2 days at Rolls-Royce in Ålesund on March 15-16 to learn, share, discuss and plan. With over 40 participants, half researchers- half industry partners, all with a high level of commitment, no need to say that time was short to cover all ideas and discussion topics.



Day 1 - a learning day

Smart Maritime PhD students John Martin, Vladimir, Stian (KPN ViProma), Jørgen and Endre took the lead on Wednesday morning to educate and inspire the audience, together with WP leader and teammate Sverre Anders Alterskjær and Sergey Ushakov. Their long-term research are at the core of WP2 – Hull and propeller optimization, WP3 – Power systems and fuel, and WP4 – Ship system integration and validation.

John Martin Godø, Flapping foil


Vladimir Krivopolianskii, Combustion Rig Activities


Stian Skjong (KPN ViProma), Co-simulation


Jørgen Nielsen, Simulation of Complex Power Systems

Endre Sandvik, SimulationBasedDesign

We continued with an extensive review of research activity from WP1 (Feasibility Studies) and WP5 (Environmental and economic due diligence)

Dr Haakon-Elizabeth Lindstad (WP1)

Dr Evert Bouman (WP5)

Prof Anders Strømman (WP5)


Later on, guest speakers Oskar Levander (Rolls-Royce Marine) and Svein Peder Berge (SINTEF Ocean) created a fruitful debate around the future of shipping with their inspiring and provocative views on digital shipping, autonomous ships and smart ships of the future.

Oskar Levander (Rolls-Royce Marine)

Svein Peder Berge (SINTEF Ocean)


We concluded the first day by an exiting tour of Rolls-Royce Marine Training and Technology Center.







Day 2 - working day

After an introduction on Virtual testing in Ship Design and of Sub-project 7 Simulation-Based Concept Design by Trond Johnsen, group discussions were held to further agree on the cases to be run, the expectations and the role of each partner.

In the afternoon, we expanded the scope of discussion and discussed other activities of the SFI Smart Maritime, collecting feedback from industry partners on ongoing work, expectations with regards to involvement in activities, new topics of interest, potential future projects, involvement of students, measures to improve cooperation and dialog inside the Smart Maritime Consortium.
We ended the day with two very instructive presentations from VARD Design and Havyard, testifying of the strength of the Maritime cluster around Ålesund.


Kjell Morten Urke, VARD Design

Kristian Voksøy Steinsvik, Havyard

This Network meeting was a nice example of the value of networking and diversity. A fruitful mix of curiosity, openness, trust, commitment, healthy competition and quest for performance.


Thank you Ålesund and see you soon!

Dinner at XL Diner