Sub Project 5 - Smart Ship Vision


Describe and illustrate one or more far future ship concept introducing new technology in a wide-ranging way, representing a vision for the Smart Maritime activities.

Background and motivation

The SFI Smart Maritime should visualize the vision of the centre, and create some ship concepts that symbolize the activity in the centre. This will improve the publicity and media attention towards the centre. Also it will give the researchers and industry partners a common understanding of where we are heading.

The Smart Ship concepts should be characterized by the following:

- Long-term horizon (i.e. more than 15 years into the future)
- Introduces new technology to a large extent
- Solves critical challenges (special focus on environmental issues)
- Technically qualified to a level that ensures realism

Tasks and activities

List of tasks:

1. Determine the type of ship and operation to focus on
2. Workshops and gathering of concept ideas among partners
3. Selection of concepts
4. Concept design and visualization
5. Documentation of concepts at a high level
6. Publications in media


1. Drawing of concepts
2. High-level documentation of concepts
3. Publications

WP – involvement

All WPs should contribute to the Smart ship vision.


Duration: 3 years. Kick-off: Jan 2016

Participants and resources

All partners should contribute to the Smart ship vision.