Project: Network Meeting
Author(s): Per Magne Einang and Per Brinchmann
Date: 15.03.2016
Lars Dessen
Senior Sourcing & Contracting Manager / Naval Architect Marine Operations Managment, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Phone: Email:
Mehdi Zadeh
Manager, WP3 Power systems and fuel Phone:+47 45089831 Email:
Dag Stenersen
Senior Research Scientist Phone:+47 905 03 459 Email:
Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø
Research Scientist Phone:+47 9964 7901 Email:
Elizabeth Lindstad
Manager, WP1 - Feasibility Phone:+47 92801521 Email:
Sverre Steen
Manager, WP2 Hull and propeller Phone:+47 7359 5861 Email:
Sverre Anders Alterskjær
Research Scientist - WP2 Phone:+47 416 88 191 Email:
Trond Vikan Johnsen
Center Director Phone:+47 92216489 Email:
Anders Hammer Strømman
Manager, WP5 Environment and economic due dilligence Phone:+47 73598948 Email:

Network meeting 15-16 Mars 2016 LYSAKER - Presentations

Presentations from the Network meeting 15-16. March

Location: Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Strandveien 20, Lysaker

WP 1 -  Feasibility - Haakon-Elizabeth Lindstad

WP2 Hull and Propeller - Status and plans for 2016 - Sverre Steen

Input on WP2 Hull and propellers - Geir Axel Oftedahl, Jotun

Subproject 4 - Performance in a Seaway, S. Anders Alterskjær, Dariusz Fathi, Sverre Steen

Project Proposals on Establishing Measurability of Hull Performance - Kourosh Koushan, S. Anders Alterskjær, Sverre Steen

Sub project 6 - Establishing measurability of Ship Resistance - Kourosh Koushan

  • SP1 - Installation of EGC (scrubber) and EGR on Clipper Harald - Tor Øyvind Ask
  • WP 4 -Ship system integration and validation - Trond Johnsen
  • Sub project 3–Simulation of long-term ship performance - Trond Johnsen
  • Sub project 2 –Hybrid propulsion - Marine Hybrid Propulsion and batteries - Dag Stenersen
  • Sub project 2  - Marine Vessel and Power Plant System Simulator - Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø
  • WP5 - Environmental and Economic Due Diligence - Set up of modeling framework - Anders Hammer Strømman and Evert Bouman


Kourosh Koushan, S. Anders Alterskjær, Sverre Steen


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