PhD & Postdoc

SFI Smart Maritime PhD and Postdoc projects

Hydrodynamics of hydrofoil vessels, John Martin Kleven Godø, PhD project WP2 (2015–2018)

Simulation Based DesignEndre Sandvik, PhD project WP4 (2016–2019)

System SimulationJørgen B. Nielsen, PhD project WP3/WP4 (2015–2018)

Fuel injection and combustionVladimir Krivopolianskii, PhD project WP3/WP4 (2015–2018)

Hybrid propulsionTorstein Ingebrigtsen Bø, Postdoc project WP3 (2015-2017)

Data handling and analysisLokukaluge Prasad Perera, Postdoc project WP2/WP3 (2015–2017)

Added resistance due to waves, Renato Skejic, Postdoc project WP2 (2016–2018)

Friction resistanceJon Coll Mossige, PhD project WP2 (2017–2020)

Hydrodynamic modelling of wind-powered merchant vessels, Jarle Kramer, PhD project WP2 

Ship performance monitoring using In-service Measurements and Big Data Analysis MethodsPrateek Gupta, PhD project WP2 (2018–2021)

Ship design optimized for operation in real sea states, Eshan Esmailian, PhD project  WP2 (2019–2022)

Optimization of Marine Power PlantsKamyar Maleki, PhD project WP3 (2019–2022)

Shore-to-ship charging for marine vessels, Siamak Karimi, PhD project WP3 (2019–2022)

Concept Ship Design for Future Low-Emission ShippingBenjamin Lagemann, PhD project WP4 (2019–2022)

Feasibility of wind propulsion - impact on the propeller and engine (power plant) performanceDražen Polić, Post doc WP2-4 (2020-2022)

Modeling and simulation of marine exhaust gas cleaning system, Yuan Tian, PhD Project WP3 (2021-2023)

Modeling, Design and Control of Hybrid Electric Power and Propulsion for Future Low-Emission and Autonomous Vessels, Marius Ulla Hatlehol, PhD project WP3 (2021-2023)