Jon Coll Mossige

PhD student WP2 (2017–2020)

Supervisor: Lars Erik Holmedal (NTNU)

Co-supervisor: Kourosh Koushan (NTNU, SINTEF

Friction resistance

Research topics

The research will initially be focused on a numerical investigation of roughness effects on the turbulent boundary layer for a flat plate. A challenge here is to find a parametrization for the roughness found on hulls in typical conditions. This includes everything from heavily fouled to freshly painted hulls.

Further research may include a study of the impact on the roughness effects by plate curvature and/or presence of waves, as well as an investigation of new coating designs in cooperation with JOTUN.

Industrial goal

• Improve prediction methods for power requirement and fuel consumption of full scale ships.
• Design of new hull coating technologies with better performance, both when it comes to resistance and antifouling capabilities.

Scientific questions

To which level do we understand the effect of roughness on fluid flowing past a wall?
Which parameters are necessary in order to describe the roughness on a typical hull plate?
What is the impact of flow perturbations and plate curvature on the added resistance due to roughness?