Date: 22.06.2021

WEBINAR - Energy efficiency onboard

Smart Maritime WEBINAR on Energy efficiency onboard.

Tuesday June 22, 2021


Content and presenters:

  • Onboard power and propulsion systems / power demand / energy efficiency challenge, Mehdi Zadeh, Associate Professor, NTNU Department of Marine Technology and Lead of SFI Smart Maritime WP3.
  • Regenerative power / potential for heat recovery / hybrid cycle: Marius Ulla Hatlehol, PhD Candidate NTNU Dpt of Maritime Technology (SFI Smart Maritime WP3)
  • Use case: CruiZE – concepts for energy efficient thermal systems onboard cruise ships, Cecilia H Gabrielii, Research Scientist at SINTEF Energy, Project leader CruiZE. The energy use of hotel facilities onboard cruise ships constitute on average 40% of the ship's total energy use.  Hybrid propulsion systems and alternative fuels imply changes in the ship's energy system and its waste heat characteristics. CruiZE aims to develop energy-efficient heating and cooling concepts, which are optimised for the ship's propulsion system and operating conditions.

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