Project: ViProMa – Virtual Prototyping of Marine Systems and Operations; Sub project 2 – Hybrid propulsion Marine Hybrid Propulsion and batteries
Author(s): Stian Skjong, Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø, Jørgen B. Nielsen
Date: 03.02.2016
Jørgen Bremnes Nielsen
PhD Candidate Phone:+47 414 20 539 Email:
Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø
Research Scientist Phone:+47 9964 7901 Email:
Stian Skjong
Research Scientist, SINTEF Ocean Phone: Email:

Hybrid propulsion - presentation at Siemens

Jørgen B. Nilsen, Torstein I. Bø and Stian Skjong were invited to Siemens in Trondheim to make a presentation of the work planned and under work in Smart Maritime - and introduced the the proposal for Subproject 2 - Hybrid propulsion - Marine Hybrid Propulsion and batteries.

Identify and quantify the potential for reduction of cost and emissions in a maritime setting. And further establish objective knowledge regarding technology potential for battery capacity, lifetime and cost.


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