Author(s): Endre Sandvik, Bjørn-Egil Asbjørnslett, Sverre Steen, Trond Johnsen
Journal/conference: 13th International Marine Design Conference, Helsinki, June 2018
Date: 10.06.2018
Endre Sandvik
Research Scientist, WP1,WP4 Phone: Email:
Sverre Steen
Manager, WP2 Hull and propeller Phone:+47 7359 5861 Email:
Trond Vikan Johnsen
Center Director Phone:+47 92216489 Email:

Estimation of fuel consumption using discrete-event simulation - a validation study

Study by Sandvik et al., presented at the IMDC, June 2018, Helsinki

Abstract: In this paper, we investigate the validity of quasi-static discrete-event simulation for estimation of fuel consumption and assessment of energy effective ship designs. Stricter emission regulations for ships and developments in computer science have sparked an interest in virtual testing and simulation approaches to enhance our understanding of vessel performance early in the design process. Our methodology uses discrete event simulation and historical weather data to replicate the operational conditions, and quasi-static calculations to estimate wave and wind added resistance on the ship hull. The validity of this approach is tested in a case study using full-scale measurements from a deep-sea vessel. Results show that we are able to recreate the voyage in a manner that show several similarities to the case vessel measurements. Speed policies that better replicate real operation and fuel curves that take the engine state into account is recommended in order to improve fuel consumption estimates.

13th International Marine Design Conference, 10-14 June 2018, HELSINKI

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