Project: WP3
Author(s): Marius Ulla Hatlehol and Mehdi Zadeh
Journal/conference: IFAC-PapersOnLine, ISSN 2405-8963
Date: 29.11.2022

Super-Twisting Algorithm Second-Order Sliding Mode Control of a Bidirectional DC-to-DC Converter Supplying a Constant Power Load (Ulla Hatlehol & Zadeh, 2022)


The Super-Twisting Algorithm is employed to control the voltage of a Bidirectional DC-to-DC Converter of an on-board propulsion system in presence of large load variations. The Bidirectional DC-to-DC Converter is modeled using average value modeling, and it is shown by an alternative approach that the zero dynamics for the converter topology supplying a Constant Power Load are unstable with the DC bus voltage as output, and stable for the inductor current as output. Here, a derivation of the controller gains is presented based on the average model of the system. The gains are described with respect to the inductor current and its bounded perturbations. The performance of the proposed controller is compared to a conventional cascaded PI controller, and exhibits strong robustness with respect to external system variations.

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