WEBINAR - Energy Efficiency on-board



WEBINAR: Energy Efficiency on-board

Date: Tuesday, June 22

Time: 13:00 – 14:00

Place: Microsoft Teams - all invitees in Bcc.

Registration: by accepting Outlook meeting invitation; meeting open to all SFI Smart Maritime participants.

Organiser: SINTEF / NTNU

The webinar will review the energy efficiency as a key performance indicator and the means for efficiency improvement including energy storage systems (ESS), electric propulsion and regenerative braking power, as well as heat recovery and energy efficient thermal system. The presentation will include current work at SFI Smart Maritime and NTNU as well as SINTEF Energi centered around the competence-building project CruiZE.


Content and presenters:

  • Onboard power and propulsion systems / power demand / energy efficiency challenge, Mehdi Zadeh, Associate Professor, NTNU Department of Marine Technology and Lead of SFI Smart Maritime WP3.
  • Regenerative power / potential for heat recovery / hybrid cycle: Marius Ulla Hatlehol, PhD Candidate NTNU Dpt of Maritime Technology (SFI Smart Maritime WP3)
  • Use case: CruiZE – concepts for energy efficient thermal systems onboard cruise ships, Cecilia H Gabrielii, Research Scientist at SINTEF Energy, Project leader CruiZE. The energy use of hotel facilities onboard cruise ships constitute on average 40% of the ship's total energy use.  Hybrid propulsion systems and alternative fuels imply changes in the ship's energy system and its waste heat characteristics. CruiZE aims to develop energy-efficient heating and cooling concepts, which are optimised for the ship's propulsion system and operating conditions.