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June 2018

Dear partners of SFI Smart Maritime,


Save the date: network meeting, 16-17 October

The next Network meeting will take place in Værnes, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, on October 16-17th. Add to calendar. Program and registration information will be communicated in august. 


Work in progress

Mid-year progress report

A compiled progress report for the first half of 2018, presented to the Board on June 21st, is available for consultation on the website: Smart Maritime mid-year status report 2018. It presents main achievements per WP/SP, milestones 2018, challenges and further work.

New initiatives
Following the Network meeting in Bergen, SFI Smart Maritime has launched new project initiatives and invited SFI partners to further dialog. Several grant applications to the Research Council are currently under preparation, and plans for further work within the SFI will be communicated in September and discussed at the next Network meeting.


Midway Evaluation of the SFI

As announced earlier, our SFI will go through a midway evaluation process starting in 2018, ending in 2019 with the decision from the Research Council whether to extend the funding of the Centre for the final period 2020-2023. This mid-way evaluation will be carried out by a review panel. The SFI will deliver a set of documents serving as input to the evaluation. The input from industrial partners will be in line with the reflections presented by each at the Bergen meeting in April. Detailed plan and information on involvement of SFI partners, management, Board, Advisory committee, will be sent in a separate e-mail to each partner's primary contact person. Read more about mid-way evaluation on RCN webpage.


Publications and dissemination of results

New publications available online
  • Control of the combustion process and emission formation in marine gas engines, article by Krivopolianskii et al. in Journal of Marine Science and Technology Dowload here
  • Potential power setups, fuels and hull designs capable of satisfying future EEDI requirements, by Elizabeth Lindstad, and Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø in Transportation Research Part D.  Download here
  • Estimation of fuel consumption using discrete-event simulation - a validation study, by Sandvik et al., presented at the IMDC2018 in Helsinki. Download here
  • A simulation-based ship design methodology for evaluating susceptibility to weather-induced delays during marine operations, by Sandvik et al. in Ship Technology Research, May 2018. Download here
  • Måling av eksosutslipp ombord på Clipper Harald 2018, med og uten EGR, SINTEF Ocean report by Ole Thonstad and Ingebrigt Valberg, Juni 2018. Download here


Results of ongoing studies will be presented through Webinars in the Fall 2018. Some of the planned topics include: Energy saving devices; Sea margin overview; Exhaust gas recirculation


Not finalized yet. A new document structure is being implemented. Furthermore, topic pages with information collection on certain topics will be made available. For login troubles, please contact

Mailing list

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  • Smart Maritime is hosting NTNU MSc student from NTNU Astrid Vamråk Solheim this summer. She will study the influence on applying different weather data sources when evaluating hydrodynamic performance from numerical routing approaches (Gymir). She will also look into issues related to manoeuvrability at low speeds in adverse conditions.
  • Anna Ringvold from NTNU IndEcol is leaving Smart Maritime this summer. We are grateful for her significant contribution to Smart Maritime, notably the first version of the model MariTEAM (Maritime Transport Environmental Assessment Model), and wish her the best of luck!
  • New PhD project on speed loss and added power due to steering and course instability, using a combination of numerical simulation and in-service data. WP2 is currently recruiting a new PhD student focusing on ship performance monitoring and optimization. 

Upcoming events:

Strategy and Board meeting

Sept 19th 2018


Scientific Advisory Committee meeting

Sept 20th 2018


Network meeting 2018/2

Oct. 16-17th 2018