Author(s): Kevin Koosup Yum (SINTEF Ocean), Prof Mehdi Zadeh (NTNU), Marius Ulla Hatlehol (NTNU)
Journal/conference: SFI Smart Maritime WEBINAR
Date: 09.03.2021

WEBINAR - Hybrid power systems

Presentations from SFI Smart Maritime WEBINAR on Hybrid Power Systems, 09-03-2021.


The Webinar provided a review of market applications, working principles, technology trends of hybrid power systems, followed by a presentaiton of current work at SFI Smart Maritime, SINTEF Ocean and NTNU  on hybrid propulsion and power systems.


 Mehdi Zadeh, Associate Professor, NTNU Department of Marine Technology and Lead of SFI Smart Maritime WP3.

 Kevin Koosup Yum, Research Scientist, SINTEF Ocean.

 Marius Ulla Hatlehol, PhD Candidate NTNU Dpt of Maritime Technology (SFI Smart Maritime WP3).   


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