Yuan Tian

PhD Candidate WP3 (2021–2023)


Supervisor: Prof Eilif Pedersen (NTNU IMT),

Co-supervisor: Jørgen B. Nielsen (SINTEF  Ocean)



Modeling and simulation of marine exhaust gas cleaning system

Problem formulation

The whole shipping industry is now speeding up to reduce ship exhaust gas pollution, according to more and more stringent regulations from International Maritime Organization (IMO). And these regulations can’t be met without retrofitting ships with exhaust gas cleaning system as in today’s industry. Therefore, there is urgent demand on studies of efficiency and effectiveness of the exhaust gas cleaning systems. This is what the present project aims to contribute.


Research questions

  1. Development and optimization of a modelling approach for subsystems in ship exhaust gas cleaning system(EGCS), i.e. marine scrubber system.
  2. System performance prediction based on various modelling and simulation approaches
  3. Optimize the modelling approach to better reflect the physical process.
  4. Possible experimental investigation to obtain emission measurements and validation of models.


Expected outcomes

The overall goal of this project is to study how to reduce ship emissions more effectively by investigating ship exhaust gas cleaning systems, given the shipping industry must meet the more and more stringent regulations for ship emission from IMO. 
This project's primary approach is to build numerical models of ship exhaust gas cleaning system and do simulations of the system under various scenarios. Several experiments for validating the model and collecting essential data will possibly be conducted. The combination of different research methods gives a factual basis to achieve the expected outcome that this project could contribute to the industry by offering an insightful evaluation of the ship exhaust gas cleaning system's performance. 


Achievements 2022

  • Built a aathematical model of marine scrubber using Python
  • Built a system-leveled model of marine scrubber using the software 20sim.
  • Conducted several model validation tests and sensitivity analyses.
  • First journal paper in progress: ‘Modeling and Simulation of Marine Scrubbers using Bond Graph Method’, based on data collected.