Eshan Esmailian

PhD student WP2 (2019–2022)

Supervisor: Prof. Sverre Steen (NTNU)

Co-supervisor: Prof. Kourosh Koushan(SINTEF Ocean), Prof. Stein Ove Erikstad (NTNU)


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Design for operation in real sea states

Research topic

Ship design optimized for operation in real sea states.


More practical, accurate and efficient methods for ship design and optimization in real seaways.

Expected results

  • Improve the design methods for ships operating in real seastates and harsh sea conditions.
  • Ensure high performance of designed ships in various scenarios such as routs, loading, and varying weather conditions etc.
  • Improve the energy efficiency of ships
  • Enhance Gymir capabilities
  • Proposed solutions can be also useful for the following applications:
    • Modern ship design
    • Passengercomforts
    • Offshore operations
    • Autonomous ships