Alternative marine fuels, CIMAC Norway

Presentation by Dr Elizabeth Lidnstad for CIMAC Norway autumn meeting 2020

Decarbonizing Maritime Transport (Lindstad et al., 2020)

Modular Conceptual Synthesis of Low-Emission Ships, Lagemann & Erikstad (2020)

Dynamic Modeling, Simulation, and Testing of a Marine DC Hybrid Power System (Zadeh et al., 2020)

Shore Charging for Plug-In Battery-Powered Ships (Karimi et al, 2020)

Evaluation of Energy Transfer Efficiency for Shore-to-Ship Fast Charging Systems (Karimi et al., 2020)

Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Ship Electric Propulsion (Shakeri et al., 2020)

Fuels and engine technologies with focus on GHG and Energy utilization

SFI Smart Maritime Report by Dr E. Lindstad

Shipboard Electric Power Conversion: System Architecture, Applications, Control, and Challenges (Ghimire et al., 2019)

Length and hull shape importance to reach IMO's GHG target, Lindstad et al. 2019

Paper presented at SNAME Maritime Convention,30 October - 1 November,Tacoma, Washington, USA