Model-centric design and development for eco-friendly ships

Presentation by Kevin Koosup Yum at Korea Maritime Week, 27 june 2018

Måling av eksosutslipp ombord på Clipper Harald 2018, med og uten EGR

SINTEF Ocean rapport, Juni 2018, Ole Thonstad og Ingebrigt Valberg

A simulation-based ship design methodology for evaluating susceptibility to weather-induced delays during marine operations

Article by Sandvik et al. in Ship Technology Research, May 2018

Estimation of fuel consumption using discrete-event simulation - a validation study

Study by Sandvik et al., presented at the IMDC, June 2018, Helsinki

Potential power setups, fuels and hull designs capable of satisfying future EEDI requirements

Publication by Elizabeth Lindstad and Torstein Ingebrigtsen Bø in Transportation Research Part D.

Control of the combustion process and emission formation in marine gas engines

Article by Krivopolianski et al. in Journal of Marine Science and Technology

3D Seakeeping Calculations of a Body with Forward Speed in Waves

SINTEF Ocean report by Jan Hoff presenting verification cases of a seakeeping code based on linear 3D potential flow theory.

Teknisk Ukeblad: Exhaust Gas Cleaning at SFI Smart Maritime

Innen 2020 må alle skip kutte svovelutslippene. Dette skipet seiler med en mulig løsning.

Sulphur Abatement Globally in Maritime Shipping

Publication by H. Elizabeth Lindstad (SINTEFOcean AS), Carl Fredrik Rehn, NTNU, and Gunnar S. Eskeland (NHH and SNF), accepted for publication in Transportation Research Part D.

Investigation of drivetrain losses of a DP vessel

Study by Torstein I. Bø, Anna Swider and Eilif Pedersen presented at the 2017 Electric Ship Technology Symposium, USA, august 2017