Endre Sandvik

PhD student WP4 (2016–2019)

Main supervisor:
• Professor Bjørn Egil Asbjørnslett, NTNU IMT

• Professor Sverre Steen, NTNU IMT
• Professor 2 Stein Ove Erikstad, IMT (FEDEM)
• Associate professor Eilif Pedersen, NTNU IMT



Sandvik, Endre; Gutsch, Martin; Asbjørnslett, Bjørn Egil. (2018)A simulation-based ship design methodology for evaluating susceptibility to weather-induced delays during marine operations. Ship Technology Research.

Endre Sandvik, Bjørn-Egil Asbjørnslett, Sverre Steen, Trond Johnsen (2018) Estimation of fuel consumption using discrete-event simulation - a validation study. 13th International Marine Design Conference, Helsinki, June 2018

Endre Sandvik, Ole J.J. Lønnum, Bjørn E. Asbjørnslett (2019) Stochastic bivariate time series models of waves in the North Sea and their application in simulation-based design, Applied Ocean Research, Volume 82, January 2019, Pages 283-295

Jørgen Bremnes Nielsen, Endre Sandvik, Bjørn Egil Asbjørnslett, Eilif Pedersen, Kjetil Fagerholt (2019) Impact of simulation model fidelity on ship system evaluation in sea passage scenarios. Ocean Engineering 188(2019)

Endre Sandvik, Jørgen Bremnes Nielsen, Bjørn Egil Asbjørnslett, Eilif Pedersen, Kjetil Fagerholt (2020) Operational sea passage scenario generation for virtual testing of ships using an optimization for simulation approach.   Journal of Marine Science and Technology volume 26, pages 896–916 (2021)


Simulation Based Design

Research topics

The purpose of the PhD research is to provide knowledge regarding the validity of simulation models for application in ship design. The research focuses on how simulation is applied to virtually test designs in operational scenarios.

Industrial goal

Knowledge that supports energy efficient design and operation of ships using simulation-based methods. The research focuses on techniques for implementing relevant operational scenarios for virtual testing of design concepts. Scenarios are created taking the operational decisions of ship owner and the ship master into account, thus making the research relevant for both ship owners and designers.


A validation study towards estimation of fuel consumption and operational profile using GYMIR was conducted in the last quarter of 2017. The methodology and results are presented in a conference paper submitted to the International Marine Design Conference in Helsinki June 2018. 

Endre defended his PhD thesis on September 24th 2019. PhD Defence and Trial Lecture

See summary of Doctoral Thesis HERE on NTNU Open (full test not available)