The Ocean as a Solution for Climate Change: 5 Opportunities for Action

The need to amend IMO’s EEDI to include a threshold for performance in wave

Article by E. Lindstad et al. in Sustainability, MDPI, July 2019

Methane Slip Summarized: Lab vs. Field Data, CIMAC conference, Ushakov et al.

Increased use of LNG might not reduce maritime GHG emissions at all

Efficient operations using numerical methods, Krasilnikov and Koushan - NorShipping2019

Presentation by Senior Adviser Kourosh Koushan at NorShipping 2019, wed. June 5th 2019.

Defining the zero emission cruiseliner, Anders Valland - NorShipping2019

Presentation by Research Manager Anders Valland at NorShipping 2019, thurs. June 6th 2019.

Networkmeeting 29-30 April 2019 OSLO - Presentations and meeting summary

Date: 29-30 April 2019 Venue: Oslo Host: Norges Rederiforbund Organizer: SINTEF Ocean

Smart Maritime Annual Report 2018

Smart Maritime Annual Report 2018 available for download.

WEBINAR - Sulphur Cap and NOx Tier III - 18March2019 - Presentation & Documentation

Model Predictive Control of Marine Power Plants With Gas Engines and Battery

Article by Bø et al in IEEE Access, January 2019