Project: WP1 - Feasability studies; WP3 - Power Systems and fuels; SP1 - Fuels
Author(s): Elizabeth Lindstad
Date: 05.10.2018
Elizabeth Lindstad
Manager, WP1 - Feasibility Phone:+47 92801521 Email:

2020 Sulphur Cap options - EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY

Memo by Dr E. Lindstad summarizing Smart Maritime findings on 2020 Sulphur abatement Cap options

The purpose of this memo is to summarize the main economic findings regarding 2020 Sulphur abatement Cap options generated through the SFI – Smart Maritime.  The regulation implies that ships can continue to use residual fuels with a high sulphur content, such as heavy fuel oil (HFO), if they employ scrubbers to desulphurise the exhaust gases. Alternatively, they can use fuels with less than 0.5% sulphur, such as desulphurised HFO (LSHFO<0.5%S), diesel, LNG, LPG and biofuels.
WP1 Feasability studies, WP3 Power Systems and fuels;, SP1 Fuels