Project: WP2 - Hull and propeller and SP4 - Performance in a seaway.
Author(s): Renato Skejic, Sverre Anders Alterskjær and Florian Sprenger
Date: 13.01.2017
Sverre Anders Alterskjær
Research Scientist - WP2 Phone:+47 416 88 191 Email:

Prediction of Added Resistance in Waves - report SM2017 F-007

As part of the SFI Smart Maritime Work Package 2 – hull and propeller, a review on state-of-the-art methods for prediction of the added resistance of ships in a seaway is carried out.

This report summarizes various methods that are currently capable to investigate added resistance in waves. In particular, the presented methods are discussed from the perspective of their characteristics, level of accuracy of the estimated added resistance and the practical applicability for displacement monohull ships which operate at Froude numbers up to 0.3.

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