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4 new PhD students join the team

Four new PhD students have joint the Smart Maritime team at NTNU during the summer:


Benjamin Lagemann 

Benjamin holds a Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering from NTNU Norway and KTH Sweden (Nordic5Tech Joint Master Programme) (2019), and Bachelor Degree in Naval Architecture from Hamburg University of Technology, Germany (2017). 


Joining the WP4 team, focusing on Design and analysis of concept ships for low energy usage and low emission of greenhouse gases.


PhD project “Concept Ship Design for Future Low-Emission Shipping Technology”


Objective:  design a (set of) concept ship(s) that shows the potential of new/potential/emerging technology solutions in the future of low energy usage and low emission shipping.


Supervisor: Professor Stein Ove Erikstad, Department of Marine Technology, Faculty of Engineering, NTNU


Benjamin's profile: NTNU, LinkedIn



Siamak Karimi 

Siamak holds a Master in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (2019) and a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Tehran (2016). His experience and interest is in the modeling and optimization of power converters for battery chargers.


Joining the WP3 team, focusing on modeling and optimal design of hybrid power systems and battery charging for cost-efficient and zero-emission solutions.


PhD project “modeling and optimal design of marine hybrid electric power systems”.


Objective: The design of the hybrid power system will be obtained through multi-objective optimization based on laboratory experiments and operational data from existing marine vessels. In this framework, different combinations of energy sources and energy storage systems (ESS), such as gensets, battery, fuel cell, and supercapacitor, will be considered to cover the different propulsion system arrangements for hybrid-powered ships.


Supervisor: Mehdi Zadeh , Associate Professor in Marine Hybrid Power Systems at the Department of Marine Technology at NTNU


Siamak's profile: NTNULinkedIn, Google Scholar



Kamyar Maleki 

Focusing  on simulation and optimization of hybrid marine power plants, Kamyar Maleki joined the WP3-team in August this year.


In his PhD-project entitled “A Simulator Approach to Concept Analysis and Optimization of marine Power Plants” he will continue the work developing simulators for system integration and optimization studies and will especially focus on how to integrate different types of Fuel Cells in a marine power plant.


Kamyar holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering – Energy Conversion from Sharif University of Technology Iran, and BSc from Iran University of Science and Technology in the Applied Design field of Mechanical Engineering.


Supervisor: Professor Eilif Pedersen, Department of Marin Technology, Faculty of Engineering, NTNU.


Kamyar's profile: NTNULinkedInResearchGate


Ehsan Esmailian

Ehsan holds a master's degree in Marine Engineering-Ship Hydrodynamics from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic).


He is joining the WP2 team, with PhD project entitled "Optimization of ships for operation in real sea states". He will work on numerical and/or experimental marine hydrodynamics focusing on development and/or validation of technologies for significant reduction of energy consumption of ships.


Supervisor: Professor Sverre Steen, Department of Marine Technology, Faculty of Engineering, NTNU.


Eshan's profile: NTNU, LinkedInResearchGate, Google Scholar