One of the 3 SFI project offices Welcome!
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Most of the desks in the SFI offices are now taken

A lot of work is starting up, in both SFI Smart Maritime and SFI Move. One of the things we are particularly happy with - is that the researchers in the different SFIs will collaborate - also with other related projects. This is reflected in our offices.

Photo above from left:

PhD Candidate Fredrik Mentzoni - SFI MOVE - working on Hydrodynamic loads on complex modules into the wave zone


Photo below from left

Phd Jørgen B. Nielsen, Energy recovery and harvesting in hybrid power systems,  (SFI Smart Maritime)
PhD Stian Skjong, ViProMa (associated project) - Modelling and Control of Distributed Systems
Postdoc. Torstein I. Bø, Smart Maritime WP4 - Hybrid propulsion, Integrating new power sources for marine power plants
Phd  Børge Rokseth, D2V-project, Risk management and verification of dynamic positioning systems