Project: WP2
Author(s): Ehsan Esmailian
Date: 24.03.2023

WEBINAR: Optimal design and performance of ships in real sea states

Smart Maritime WEBINAR on Optimal design and performance of ships in real sea states.

Friday March 24, 2023


Currently, the marine industry is under increased pressure to provide energy-efficient designs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For a long time, ships were mostly designed and optimized for operation in calm water, despite the fact that ships seldom operate in calm water and that their performance may vary significantly in the actual sea states. Thus, ships should be designed to operate in real sea states, meaning that performance under different operational conditions such as wind, waves, and currents, as well as different transit speeds, should be considered. To reach this goal, there are several challenges. First of all, there are typically uncertainties to be considered during the design phase. Also, it is important to select (or develop) appropriate approaches for optimization, and tools to enhance the accuracy of models before developing an optimization method. Developing reliable and practical methods that are sufficiently accurate, robust, and computationally effective in real sea states in the presence of uncertainties is also a big challenge. Furthermore, accurately estimating the added resistance in waves is also necessary to be able to design ships with improved performance at sea.  

In this webinar, challenges and possible solutions for the optimal design of ships in real sea rates and relevant topics ( hull condition monitoring, weather routing, fleet performance analysis, modeling and analysis of propulsion system, emission modeling, and fuel consumption modeling) will be discussed.  The main focus will be on the energy efficiency of ships.


Presenter: Ehsan Esmailian, PhD Candidate SFI Smart Maritime WP2 


Presentation available for download: (requires login)

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