2020 Sulphur Cap options - EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY

Memo by Dr E. Lindstad summarizing Smart Maritime findings on 2020 Sulphur abatement Cap options

Måling av eksosutslipp ombord på Clipper Harald 2018, med og uten EGR

SINTEF Ocean rapport, Juni 2018, Ole Thonstad og Ingebrigt Valberg

Teknisk Ukeblad: Exhaust Gas Cleaning at SFI Smart Maritime

Innen 2020 må alle skip kutte svovelutslippene. Dette skipet seiler med en mulig løsning.

Networkmeeting 17 - 18 October 2017 VÆRNES - Presentations and information

Venue: Stjørdal, Scandic Hell hotel

GHG and NOx emissions from gas fuelled engines - Dag Stenersen and Ole Thonstad

Mapping, verification, reduction Technologies.

SP1 - plan and progress

Accredited emission measurements onboard Bergen Viking

Report by Ole Thonstad

Accredited emission measurements onboard With Marine - Measurement of NOx, UHC, CO, CO2 and O2

Report by Ole Thonstad

Clipper Harald HFO operation with scrubber - Wash water analysis at berth in Stenungsund - Author Per Magne Einang

To investigate the environmental risk by operating an open loop exhaust gas cleaning system (EGC) with wash water cleaning system, wash water samples have been taken of the inlet seawater, after scrubber, wash water overboard.

Making heavy fuel oil clean

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) combined with previous measures reduces NOx emissions from heavy fuel oil by up to 80 % in a typical LPG tanker. The concept is a potential game changer for Norwegian domestic shipping.

Network meeting 15-16 Mars 2016 LYSAKER - Presentations